Face 1 (2008): 10.5 x 11.5 inches; Materials: paper, glue
By folding, cutting and manipulating paper, I was interesting in using a material that is often associated with two-dimensional work to create an object that is more sculptural.

Face 2 (2017): 9 x 10 inches; Materials: vinyl, glue, thread
I recreated “Face 1” using vinyl to see how the face would translate with a new material.  

Face 3 (2018): 8 x 9 inches; Materials: elastic, fabric scraps, thread
“Face 3” was created in response to “Face 1” by exploring the materiality of manmade faces. I am interested in the associations that are revealed with their surfaces and how they influence one’s identity. This led me to the questions: Are our identities just as malleable as the garments we choose to cover ourselves? How do coverings for the face relate to the garments that clothe the body?

Photos: Adrian Avila